By: Kayla

‘Tis the season! The holidays are almost here, and that means family and friends, entertaining and decorating your home as cheerfully and festive as this time of year makes you feel. Trying to obtain that warm and inviting, cozy atmosphere by bringing the festivities inside? Adding a new accent to the room is a great way to accomplish that.

TIP: Don’t be afraid to add a pop of color or pattern in a room, it’s the holidays! You have a great color pallet that goes with the season so do not forget to use it!  When you have an area that is neutral or doesn’t have any pattern, going big or bold creates a focal point that can bring holiday cheer throughout the area.

A good example of accenting through repetition, in a great and creative ‘do It yourself’ project, is something called distressing wood.  Distressing wood is a technique used to give wood a weathered or beaten look. You can use the big and bold colors to make the project pop or add neutral and complementary colors to blend it into the area.

If you do not want to take down or change your existing window frame, that’s okay too!  Just buy wood panels or decorative molding that has a larger depth, to fit around your existing frame work, basically creating a “double frame” as an end result.  Don’t worry! It doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture, just hang it over windows using it like a picture frame!

You will need white and/or black paint to prime the wood before you apply the final paint in the color you are accenting (cranberry and wine tones are a great option for this holiday season and a trending color as well). The paint job doesn’t need to be perfect because you will be scraping, rubbing and scratching the painted wood to help get that weathered look.  The backs of old butter knifes, steel wool, hammers, chains, sand paper, graters, wood files, old BBQ brushes are some of the great tools that you can use that can be found around the house.  Keep in mind once you use some of these items for this project, you won’t be able to use them again for their original purpose, so make sure it’s something old or that you can discard.  Don’t forget you can also distress door frames, old wooden furniture or apply what you learned today to frame a mirror or photos, make centerpieces, serving trays and even make great gifts!

Once you’ve finished, you will be surprised to see the great pieces of art that you can create yourself, that can make a remarkable focal point in your home or a conversation starter at dinner, surrounded by family and friends.  All of them are excellent ideas and will make perfect additions to your home and holiday decor.