By Kim

This summer my family and I decided to purchase a small cottage on the beach! This is something we have always wanted to do and dreamed of doing, so to be able to finally make it happen has been truly wonderful!


Decorating has always been something I enjoy doing, especially when it comes to some sort of “theme” or special design plan. Our home is located just feet from the beach so we wanted to keep with a light airy and “beachy-feel”. We used mostly neutrals (beiges, browns, tans, etc) whites, blues and yellows through out the main living quarters of the house. All lighter wood furniture or white wicker, along with glass table tops left the space feeling open and inviting. Throw pillows cover the sofas and chairs with sea shells and starfish, and a garland of sea shells is strung across the mantel of the old stone fire place in the center of the room. Our windows were covered with light ivory colored sheer drapes that hung on either side, so when the windows are open, the drapes will flutter in the wind.

Moving to the upstairs, we have 3 bedrooms all colored brightly but in pastel hues of yellow, blue and green. All of our bedroom windows are covered with white woven wood shades, to which we have added a liner to we can have some privacy and block the light in the morning for those nights we perhaps stayed up a bit too late. The kids room has a fun pirate ship bunk bed and theme going on with the blue walls, along with clouds painted on the ceiling. If they are not at the beach, they are in that room. 

We are overjoyed by our home away from home and hope our decorating tips have inspired you as well!