It is a tradition every year to decorate the tree together each year. We all get a new ornament with our names on it. They are usually theme related. For my son’s first year we got him the traditional “baby’s first Christmas”, my daughter got an ice skate because she learned how to skate this past year. My fiance has basketball themed ornaments and my ornaments are usually shoe related. When we first started this tradition, my fiance would cut down out tree. The first year it was a little slanted and bald. So we put that side toward the wall. The second year we cut down our own tree we invited a guest inside along with the tree. Thank God for the cat because she chased the little squirrel out of the house. So since then we have just went out and bought out trees. Plus there are only so many places to cut down a tree in Boston. Every year it is a fight to untangle the string of lights. There is nothing worse than spending an hour to untangle them just to find out a bulb is out, causing the entire last half to go out as well. When one goes out, they all go out. Thanks to Pinterest, my life saver, I learned if you wrap the lights around a wire hanger, it saves all that time next year when it comes to unraveling them. Once the lights and ornaments are up its time for the star. My daughter is the one to hang it up, it always brightens her day. I wish we could still do tinsel but between the cat and the kids, it is just begging for a disaster.