By: Ashley

Are you remodeling or repainting this spring? Here are some great tips!


Anytime you are remodeling, make sure to save a sample piece and have it on you when you are shopping for decor! Set aside an extra piece of tile from your floor, wall or backsplash. Get a sample of your new granite countertop. Stain a piece of wood in the color you used. Save a piece of the molding or wallpaper you just put up. And absolutely have a sample of your paint colors!

I saw a great idea in which someone painted half of a small stirring stick with the color of paint they used, drilled a hole through the top of each one, and ran a string/chain through them to keep them all together. That way when shopping for decor, they had all of their colors together. And I think it is even better than having the paint card, just in case the mix in your can isn’t an exact match. This would be especially nice when shopping for your window treatments. You usually do not want to match your wall colors exactly, but you want something in the same family that will bring the room together.

Don’t hesitate to bring in throw pillows or other items either! It is completely normal. The last thing you want to do is make a significant purchase and not absolutely love it. Window treatments are an investment as are most remodeling projects, and it isn’t something you buy very often. Make sure you get what you want!