By: Ashley Sclafani Sateen White Roller 2


You are thinking of adding on a sunroom or just moved into a sunroom. Now what do you do? How do you go about decorating it? Here are some tips and ideas that should be of help.

First, let’s look at what a sunroom is. It is a room that makes you feel outdoors when you are not. They generally have lots of windows to let in lots of light. Because of this, people usually feel rejuvenated after being in one. To support this mood, paint and decorate using cheery colors.

Most of the color is going to be in your furnishings because there aren’t a lot of walls to paint. But do not over decorate. Sunrooms are meant to be simple and are places of relaxation. The beauty is in the windows and the view, and if you have too much going on, it doesn’t really stimulate relaxation.

Use fabrics and materials that won’t fade, or that are at least fade resistant. Some type of window treatment will help protect your furnishings even more. Mirrors can be a great addition because they do add some style, and they bounce the light around which is helpful at night. Also, keep in mind any corners or other places you may want to put additional light sources for activities such as reading.