By: Dominic

About a month ago I needed to shop for blinds for my new house. I had just finished building the house and it looked great. I had just about all the little projects that go along with building a new house wrapped up, but I still needed window treatments. I didn’t want to spend outrageous money on window treatments, but I wanted the place to look nice. I was not going to settle with cheap mini blinds in my newly constructed house. I wanted the place to look great, but affordability was a must.

I stopped in at a custom blind showroom on a Saturday afternoon. I was greeted and offered help immediately as I entered through the door. I wasn’t exactly sure on what types of blinds or shades that I wanted to go with, so it was very helpful to have a second opinion. We narrowed each room down to one product but finding the correct colors was still a little difficult. We decided that in the living room we would go with light filtering cellular shades that open from the top and the bottom. I was really intrigued with these shades because they looked great, and they provided light in my living room that came right through the shade but cut out the glare. The top down feature allowed me to get plenty of natural sunlight into the room while still giving me privacy by cutting out the glare. I was a little upset that I couldn’t get them both cordless and top down because my end windows on the bay window were too narrow. We also used a blackout cordless version of these shades in the bedrooms but those ones only opened one way. I was offered a sample book to take home which made choosing colors much easier and stress free. In the kitchen and dining room we went with imitation wood blinds. They had the same look as wood blinds but they were easier on the wallet. We went with a nice maple color that was a great match with my cabinets.

I got home and picked all the colors for my cellular shades and also double checked my measurements. After I had everything picked out and confirmed I gave the showroom and call and finished up my order. It only took two days for them to be ready which was awesome! I picked everything up and every box was labeled with room, style, color and size which made the installation process quick and easy. The instructions for installation were simple and straight forward and the whole job was finished in a couple of hours. The project came out great and I was amazed that the whole process from start to finish only took me two days!