By: Karen

It seems more important than ever to get a good night’s sleep.  Not only because sleep is extremely important to your health, but because the world we live in rarely allows for the rest and relaxation that we really deserve. I personally, have realized lately that I have not taken enough time to make sure I’m getting the kind of sleep I need and deserve.

One of the major things that interfere with my sleep is technology.  When I was younger, I read a book, with a small reading light, until I fell asleep.  Some night’s the light would get switched off, some night’s it didn’t, but that was all that was on around me.  Fast forward ten years, I now have a TV blaring, my laptop next to my bed, and my cell phone right next to me (let’s be honest, not even on the nightstand, but usually literally in my bed with me).  My first step is going to be to eliminate these distractions, or at the very least, only allowing one thing to be on!

The second, is the overall feel of the room.  Your bedroom should be relaxing, your own personal space, the room you want to spend time in to escape from the world.  Clearly, as I previously mentioned, the world has taken over, and I now have clutter everywhere.  So, as a first step I have moved my computer (and all other paperwork that should be on a desk) back to my office where it belongs.  Without that clutter alone my room feels more organized and relaxing.  To freshen up the rest of the room I bought new floral bedding, some fresh flowers, and new throw rugs in pale greens.

I also at some point, replaced functional blinds with pretty sheer curtains.  At the time I found the curtains , a pale green with a white design, I fell in love, and immediately came home and hung them.  This of course, made my blinds look dirty, so I promptly threw them in the trash.  Two years later, I never replaced them, and every morning when the sun rises at 6am, so do I.  Looking back, I realized I used to be able to sleep in (not until 2 in the afternoon, but at least until 8am), and decided an investment in some room darkening blinds would help.  I ended up finding blackout shades (they wouldn’t get as dirty as my blinds had), and they really disappeared behind my curtains. Today I slept until 9am!

Although very minor adjustments, it turns out that’s all it takes.  Until you realize how much good sleep you could have, you might not realize how much you miss it, but take my word, I feel refreshed already!