By: AishaVV3-622

My indoor sunroom is my get-a-way from the hustle and bustle of every day city life. It’s an enclosure that provides me with space and absolute comfort. A place where I can unwind. It’s been a while since I have had anything new on the windows. With the changing of seasons I had decided to change out the blinds. The old ones I used to have had turned dingy and grey. They were cheap one inch vinyl blinds. They served there purpose by allowing me to have my privacy and being cost effective at the same time. They were also relatively easy to clean. When starting my search for the perfect product I kept this in mind. I wanted something different that would be able to have all the same functionalities, but provide me with a new look.

I found that I really liked verticals. They could come on one track. I wouldn’t need to buy multiple blinds since the windows were only on that one side of the room. I liked that I could get them to open in the center and when fully drawn back the vanes would stack on both sides and create an almost curtain like look to them. The added benefit was the cost. I could get what I needed and for only about $300.00. So I decided to purchase a vinyl vertical. Still allowing for easy cleans and durability. The style I chose was Coventry because it reminded me of where I used to live in Tampa Bay Florida, with the palm tree designs.  I got it in blue because blue is my favorite color.The other great thing about them is I can tilt them to the sides to control the light in the room, and if I want to be completely cut off from the world, I can just simply close them all the way.

Since I replaced the blinds I also decided to replace all of the furniture and repaint the room as well. The wall I painted sky blue to accent the blinds. The carpet is a dark blue and the couches and chairs are white faux leather. The table lays in the center as the focal point and it is glass with a white metal frame. The room in its entirety is clean friendly and simple. The simple life couldn’t get more simple.