Cottage Beauty

Do you enjoy going to the cottage but sometimes find that the summer passes by too quickly for you to get to go?  Why not bring the cottage feel to your home summer!  Here are a few tips to make your home feel more nature-driven and a bit like a cottage without the getaway.

First off, choose an area to decorate.  This can be a sunroom, a big porch, or a closed off area in the backyard.  You can even go as far as decorating your kitchen and breakfast nook, or family room.  Basically any casual room that you can just sit and enjoy with family and friends can be decorated to give it that cottage-feel.   

Adding little elements will make all the difference.  Hang a painting showcasing nature, or vintage plates on the walls, install bamboo shades on your windows, and use some wood-inspired furniture, such logs as benches or little side tables.  Another really nice look is to get a wooden table that has all the natural wood grain and knots in it to give the room that cottage-like feel.  You can also put up a few open shelves, displaying tea canisters, mugs, bowls and dishes.  Add fabrics such as burlap or linen, as table runners or pillows.  All these little things will  make a big difference in making your space a summer getaway.

So if you enjoy going to the cottage, but don’t have enough time this summer, try adding all of these decorating elements to the area of your choice, which will give it a cottage feel without having to go the extra mile.