By: Tiffany H.


The temperature is rising, and we all feel the heat of summer quickly approaching. With rising temperatures comes an increase in your utility bill, but fret not we have a few products that will withstand the heat and reduce you AC usage.

The most insulating product we carry is our cellular shades. Made from point bonded or spun laced polyester this soft shade comes in dozens of color options to contrast or match spot on colors that grace your homes decor. This high-end energy reducer will keep your home cool in the summer and keep the heat in during the winter.

The cellular also offers the most options when it comes to functionality. For someone looking for privacy but desires the natural light to filter through, our standard light filtering cellular shade is just what you need. Now if you like the light filtering, private option but would like to keep some sort of view of the outside, we have a top-down bottom up feature where you can keep your privacy at the bottom and still be able to see out of the window at the top. Now if you are one of those people who prefer to sleep in during those sunny days we have cellular shades that will completely block the light and darken the room. Our blackout shades are made from the same materials as the light filtering shades just with an added foil liner to block any outside light. We also have another option if you are not interested in complete light blocking but do not want the full affect of the light filtering shade. Our double cell shade gives you the function of a light filtering shade but blocks a little more light than the single cell without completely darkening the room. Our last functional feature can be applied to any of the previously mentioned functions. Probably the most popular of all our functions would be the cordless option. This feature can be added to any thing from double cell cordless to top-down bottom up clack out cordless, the possibilities are almost endless.

So stop into your local BTG showroom and pick up some cellular shade before the summer heat wave hit.