Keep Cool Cellulars
We have all experienced the downfall of summer. That blazing heat that drives us crazy, cranking
the fans on high, and the air conditioners to the coldest setting. Of course this also means higher
electricity bills. With cellular shades you can cut that electric bill down and stay cool at the same time. Cellular shades are perfect for acting as an insulator trapping the cold in the summer as well as the warmth in the winter. Not only do cellular shades help with insulation, they also come in many different colors to match specific room settings. Cellular shades are made with a polyester material that can be a solid color of choice, or have a unique pattern design to it.  On top of the colors as well as the patterns, you also have the option to have the shade filter light through,  as well as being completely black out. The cellular shades are also very efficient for their minimal stacking at the top of the window giving more viewing pleasure when the shade is completely up. Going more into the technical parts and features about cellular shades, they can be upgraded to a top down bottom up feature which allows you to have a second cord that brings the top of the shade down while the ot6her cord brings the bottom of the shade up like normal. Another feature they have is the cordless upgrade. The cordless is a great feature the cuts out the hassle of cords getting snagged on something, tangled, or even breaking, Of course with people that have kids and or pets, it gives them one less toy to play with that you don’t want them playing with. To top off all of the amazing features and benefits, you can combined the cordless with the top down bottom up feature, allowing you to pull the top of the blind down to the desired level,  as well as the bottom up without the use of cords. With all of the features and benefits of cellular shades, there is no doubt that your summer will be more relaxing from the reduced stress of your electric bill, to having your rooms looking great while staying cool. Don’t let the heat get the best of you this summer, keep cool with cellular shades.