By: Sai
Conventional wisdom says always go neutral because you never know what you might change in the future. I am here to say forget that! Do as you wish as long as you do it the right way. You see there is an art form of picking out a color for your blinds, paint etc. You just have to be enlightened to the dos and don’ts of color selections when it comes to blinds. There are a millions colors and tones and new ones being created everyday.  Need help choosing? Here are a few steps to follow!

Make sure you find the identity in your room. Of course every room has a name like living room, bedroom, dining room kitchen etc. Go deeper than that. Is this a relaxing room where you want to set a relaxed tone or is this a vibrant room where you want to bring out some energy. You see different colors can set different tones.  The most relaxing colors are generally believed to be cool shades such as green and blue. It is believed that blues and greens give us a sense of calm,  makes us balanced, and less emotional.  I believe that rooms painted blue and green are  relaxing and harmonious.  Using colors from the cool part of the spectrum like blues and greens on walls and ceilings in bedrooms and bathrooms can give you a sense of peace. On the other side warm colors can get anyone going. The warmth or heat of red, yellow or orange can create excitement.  Warm colors convey strong emotions from simple optimism to strong thought and actions. Then we get to the more subdued colors known as  neutral colors.  Neutral colors are mostly known to be black, white, silver, gray, beige and brown.  Neutral colors are  known to be good background colors.  They can either serve as unifying colors or they can break up a certain tone to make a room less overpowering.  One thing about neutral colors is that they can often stand alone and be the primary focus.

After picking the tone you would like to set, then you can decide how you would like to bring it in. You see too much of a good thing is bad. For instance, if you decide you want to bring strong energy into your room and decide to paint your room red just because you are a high energy fiery person, does not automatically mean you should  put up red window treatments. You want to put something neutral so that the red does not over power anything else that comes in. A great color to go against red is  white. The reason I say white is because it’s a neutral, but at the same time it can prevent the red from overpowering the room, but still allow you make the red a focal. The same can be said if you do a cool color such a green. Don’t over power it with too much green add a neutral such as a brown or white.

As you can see, identifying the image of a room can be crucial to your color scheme.  It can pretty much identify you as a person. So when choosing a color make sure it fits who you are and what you want to bring out of a room. If you are a cool and calm person express it in your color.  If you are a vibrant person express it with a strong orange. Just heed my warning, do not overdo it! Know your limit and add interest with other colors that complement. Do not overpower it,  I repeat do not over power!  Complement either by subduing or accenting.