By: Nasim

Recently my husband and I have ventured into many projects around the house. Having gotten new windows put in, we were shocked at the depth (or lack thereof) of the new windows compared to the older ones. Going from a huge sill of depth to about 2 inches we were forced to find new window treatments as the old ones didn’t fit.

Having renovated not only the windows but also the styles of each room, we found it was best to find a new look that strayed far away from the previous wooden blinds we had up before. Each room has a different theme and design, and all the colors of the rooms were very vibrant.

We needed a pretty wide range of colors, one room had accent pieces that were red that we wanted to play up, another room had a golden and crème theme and the last room had a black and white upscale theme. We wanted to keep the same type of window treatment consistent throughout the house.

We stopped by a local blinds and shades store, and we immediately were drawn to the colors of the aluminum venetian blinds! The red matched perfect to the accent red room, they also had a soft black color that matched amazingly to our black and white themed room. So now we just looked for the gold and crème theme, we looked at some off white colors and shell colors but ultimately ended up running by a designer print called “lily’s lace”. This was an aluminum blind with a beautiful texture that had both the crème and gold colors incorporated in it, we were sold on the idea at site!

It was definitely a great relief to be able to find every color we needed in matching styles, and the best part is everything is made to fit perfectly into our windows! But our only question was, is 2 inches enough? We were insured that with the type of blinds we were looking at that 2 inches is plenty depth to fit in! Now they’re in and up and we couldn’t be happier, they match and accent the rooms and best of all they fit nicely inside of our window frames!