Color is SCARY!

Why do we fear color? Th most common reason is we are anticipating change in the future.  If you think you might change, you would want to make sure you aren’t committing yourself to a color scheme. But why does that hold us back? Color can add such life and fun to your home décor and wardrobe. Whether it be accent walls, some bright wash towels in the bathroom, or some funky bright jewelry. If you are one of those people who fear color, take a risk! Color can have more impact on your everyday life than you would expect. So instead of thinking of color as a commitment issue, think of it as a way to add more spunk and happiness to your life. Here are some facts what will happen when you add color to any room or wardrobe this summer.

1. You’ll feel happy. What is better than waking up to a bright yellow room that resembles the sun all year round? Color effects your mood on a daily basis. Who doesn’t love getting some pretty bright flowers on a holiday or special occasion. Imagine if you can feel that way everyday when you wake up in the morning!

2. You’ll make everyone around you happy. Whether it be your guests coming into your home or you decide to go with a hot pink nail polish. People love seeing bright colors since it reminds them of summer and fun. So why not share some fun with everyone around you?

3. Neutrals aren’t always less work and “safe”. White and off whites can get dirty easily. It will be more noticeable over time when those dirty fingerprints build up and are a lot harder to clean. So you are in turn creating more work for yourself in the long run if you are trying to avoid painting or changing things down the line.

4. Color goes with everything. Whether it be warm colors or cool colors. There is always a way to coordinate color palettes together and find something to match. Even if you have a very white bathroom and decide to add a teal shower curtain and coral hand cloths with matching soap. Trust me, it will work.