By: Karen

It’s winter. Again. Which means its time to get out the heavy blankets, wool coats, and warm sweaters. It’s time to change the curtains out from the delicate sheers, and replace them with the heavy drapes. The sweaters and jackets, I can deal with. Really because there is no other option. But taking those drapes out again, got me to thinking, what else can I do with these windows??

Of course, putting up the drapes again would be the logical option, and the most cost effective. But taking a look from a larger perspective, I had to wash them, dry them, iron them, hang them, and hate them all winter long. They closed in the rooms, because they were so heavy and bulky, and they blocked out a lot of the natural light that I really love.

Another option that my husband suggested was to hang the plastic across the windows that provided a barrier. Of course, if I did this, I could still leave the sheers up, but from a decorating perspective, knowing that there was plastic hanging on my windows really seemed like a bad idea. It’s kind of tacky, and really unattractive.

So, I took to the Internet, where I discovered cellular shades. If nothing else, from a décor perspective they were far better than plastic, and much cleaner looking than drapes. I really didn’t understand how they would help keep the cold out though, so I did some more research. It turns out that the way the shades are constructed, two layers of fabric are formed into a honeycomb which creates a barrier to the air. It keeps the heat you’re paying for in the room, and the cold air you don’t want out of the house. An added bonus is during the summer it keeps the hot air out, and the air conditioning in. It seemed too good to be true, but after visiting a bunch of different websites, and reading a lot of reviews, I decided that it must be true.

I did some more research in some stores before I bought them, but I actually really loved the look. They let in a good amount of light, and really were insulating. I know it was an investment, but overall it worked and looked better, so I would say it was a good investment. And, I donated my drapes, so hopefully my trash will turn out to be someone else’s treasure.