By: Brittany


Every parent wants to keep their child as safe as possible. One big step you can take to do that is by using child safe window treatments in your home. Fear not, there are so many more options than the plain plastic-like roller shades you had in your school as a student.

Option one: opt for cordless. Products that have the ability to come cordless can be pleated shades, honeycomb shades, roller shades and even mini blinds! If you’re looking for clean lines, honeycomb shades would be your best bet. Plus, they’ll be your best blackout product should you need that option. If colors and prints are more your style then look into pleated or roller shades. Both have a variety of patterns and themes available. If you absolutely need light control, and something you can tilt, then aim for cordless mini blinds. Just remember the materials you’re working with, since your children will most likely touch them! With all the options, you’re given a wide price range to satisfy any budget.

Option two, let’s say you absolutely need something fancy and dressy. Or maybe you want real wood or faux wood blinds to match your decor. Don’t worry, that’s what cord cleats are for! Cord cleats are these tiny little inventions that allow you to wrap the cord of your product around it to keep it out of the reach of little hands. Cord cleats are even an option for products that have a chain or loop mechanism such as verticals. Your cords get secured to the wall and that’s where they’ll stay.

So there you have it! No matter your budget, style, or function needs, you can always find a product that will be safe around your little ones. Check that one off your list and get yourself some pretty window treatments!