By Karen E.

A lot of customers we have coming in are fist time home owners,  who are looking to settle into their new homes. Often, at the same time of settling into a new home, people are starting a family, which makes child safety a top proirity when coming in to look for blinds or shades.

The most popular option in terms of child safety, would be a cordless blind.  Cordless blinds are available in honeycomb shades, pleated shades, and roller shades.  This gives you a wide variety of colors, textures, and patterns to chose from. They all operate with a simple pull up, and pull down method, which elimates anything hanging down that could be a choking, or strangling hazard to kids.  The good thing is, it is a clean look, and easy operation.  Unfortunately with a pleated or honeycomb shade, the cordless mechanism is an upgrade, and therefore an additional cost (although a roller is the same cost) – and most people buying a home have spent a good bulk of their money before they get to treating the windows.

The alternatives to cordless shades would be a shade with a simple cord on one side.  Any of these shades are available with cord cleats that the cord can be wrapped around.  Even blinds which often have multiple strings, can come with the cord cleats (you just might have to mount more than one).

Luckily, there are lots of different options that can fit into just about any budget.  If it is a concern, just make sure to mention it to your design consultant and they can point you in the right direction!