By: Dominic


I have a large sunroom in the back of my house with many windows. I have always had metal mini blinds in the room but I had learned that mini blinds are not ideal when it comes to conserving energy. The room gets a lot of sun, and as you can imagine, during the hot summer it can be pretty brutal. The sun room was an addition to the house and does not have central air in it. I had put a small window AC in the room but all the cold air was escaping out of the windows. I heard of energy efficient window treatments and how they make a remarkable difference so I figured that I needed to check it out.
After doing a little research about the energy efficient cellular shades online I decided that this is what I needed. I went to a showroom where I was informed in great depth about the products and the way they operate. They had many different colors options and designs for the cellulars. They had cordless, ones that drop from the top, and some that had both options. I had the choice between a light filter or a blackout.  I went with the light filter because it’s a sun room, and I wanted the light to come through the shade but still get my privacy. The top down feature was great, and I added that in as well. I kind of liked the cordless but I could not do both cordless and top-down, because my windows were too narrow. I was a little upset about that but in the end its not a big deal because the cords work so well.
I installed these blinds last summer and they really did make an amazing difference with conserving the air conditioning in that room. I did not run the AC nearly as much after I had put up the shades. They were easy to install and they look amazing. The style I ended up choosing was called prestige light filter and I couldn’t be happier with the shades and service. It also felt good to finally get rid of the old dirty mini blinds.