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DIY General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Easing Into Fall

It seems as though the calendar just speeds right past us ever so much faster as each year goes by. The changing colors of each season are a dramatic reminder that time is not always on our side. Believe it or not, October is just right around the corner, and that means Autumn is coming! Time to cue in the quintessential pumpkin-orange, burgundy, plum and dark brown color palettes. But let’s just pause for a second… sure there is nothing wrong with these beautiful deep colors, but why not ease into these bold hues by incorporating more neutral colors and rustic elements into your home décor.

Use familiar but non-traditional colors— Try using neutrals such as gradients of charcoal, muted greens, navy and beiges. Compliment them with light blues, khaki and even camel. You can then accent these colors with gold metallics and different hues of berry. Use this palette on your throw pillows alongside window sheers and curtains for a slight variation without the dramatic shock of change. These colors are available year round, and you might actually have these pieces lying around the house already. 

Give the orange pumpkin a new look— Pumpkins are not just for jack-o-lanterns and sidekicks to scarecrows anymore. They can be a star on their own by giving them a new color, and even distressing them. Go neutral and paint the pumpkins cream, light gray or slate blue. Then, pair them up with mossy greens and earthy browns for a beautiful and inviting tablescape. If you already have a rustic theme incorporated in your home, you can distress real or plastic pumpkins to compliment your style. Try using beige-colored chalkboard paint, and then use a toothbrush to create a crackled effect. For a more warm and vintage look, you can cover the pumpkin with burlap, wool threads, yarn and lace.

Copper and herbs— Time to take out your copper pots and pans. Believe it or not, these color-appropriate vessels are more than just for cooking. They provide a great base for flowers like zinnias and echinaceas during the season. Also, why not use the herbs readily available in your grocery store. Rosemary, thyme and sage are not only abundant during this time, but they will make your space smell phenomenal, and give you that earthy aroma so reminiscent of Autumn.

Remember, there is more to Autumn than just foliage, reds and oranges. So this season, why not play with these three ideas and slowly incorporate the familiar into something new and festive!

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DIY Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

The Sisterhood of Decoration

Decoration in itself is one of the most fascinating, diverse and creative fields; whether it’s decorating a temporary apartment or a remote family lodge. However, as engrossing as it may be, it often seems over complicated. Few people are the lucky ones to end up with the very specific and eclectic design they had in mind; instead, they often end up with a mess! Fortunately, this is where The Sisterhood comes into play! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream decor:

The Odd Rule
Whether it’s the thousands of options in paint colors causing you to not be able to make up your mind; or the 10 adorable ceramic vases you bought of because of a BOGO sale, it is easy to go over the top and feel overwhelmed. When sticking by the rule of three, this whole puzzle will turn into a breeze. In order to keep the rooms luminous, we recommend to keep it bright; 2 light colors for 1 dark hue in order to make the room appear larger. As for accessories, always keeping 3 of each could seems repetitive. In order to keep the aesthetic flowing, it is important to stick by an odd number of objects; 3 vases, a bouquet of 5 flowers, 7 throws cushions, 1 carpet in the hallway, etc.


Bigger, Bolder, Better
Most of the time, mirrors are sadly not used to their full potential. Instead of the over used bust height, go for a full length glass mirror! Situated at the end of the hallway, it will gives the illusion of a longer passage and will also helps brighten up the room when placed on the opposite wall to a window. Using more organic and unique shapes opposed to more classic ones will help accentuate the cachet of any fireplace or add a touch of fantasy to an otherwise plain wall without adding more textures to the room(s), making it less busy feeling as well.

Simplicity: The Ultimate Sophistication
These days, the tendency is to go with minimalism. Less is more. This is why the past tips are important to keep in mind. Nevertheless, different decors prove to have different needs when it comes to window treatments. Those opting for a more modern approach will be daring and choose a more colorful and ornate fabrics for a roman shade or roller shade without any curtains to steal the show from these wallpaper-like window  coverings. On the other hand, for a more classical and tame vibe, a plain monochrome shade paired with light curtains on each side will help achieve a more deconstructed and easy-on-the-eye look.
Regardless of wether you follow these tricks or not, remember to take your next decoration project without any pressure. Take your time and in the end, it’s only a matter of time before the next tendency has your heart fluttering with excitement to try it yourself!

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DIY General Inspiration Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Sunroom Decor

Sunroom Decor

The sunroom used to be dark and dingy, but Andrea added some serious charm with a fresh coat of paint, freshly washed floors, and a few of her signature crazy-amazing DIY projects. The family’s sunroom is now light and airy—the perfect place to sit and enjoy a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Have a sunroom of your own that’s in dire need of a refresh? Here are 11 design ideas to take from this inspiring reno to use in your home:

  1. Opt for a light-colored paint to brighten the space.

Andrea used (Valspar’s Dove White) on the walls to help brighten the room and make it seem larger. For contrast, she used a darker color trim (Benjamin Moore’s Kendall Charcoal).

  1. Install DIY shelves.

Just simple shelves, made out of stained planks of wood and spray painted L-brackets, are a great spot for displaying knickknacks and succulents.

  1. Bring in some blue.

Adding a touch of blue is a great way to liven up a small room; Andrea brought in navy accents with a patterned rug.

  1. Look for ways to repurpose old junk sitting around your house.

Andrea made an eye-catching coffee table out of a door she found in the homeowner’s basement by sawing it in half and adding table legs. Another cute DIY: the tray that was on top of the table was made from a wood pallet. It looked pretty cool!

         5. Add string lights.

A foolproof way to add charm to your sunroom? Globe lights! Andrea placed a string in a zig-zag pattern on the wall to add ambient lighting once the sun sets.

  1. Hang curtains.

Curtains not only add privacy, but they also bring a textural, luxe feel to any room. But they don’t have to be fancy—Andrea made the curtains from drop cloths.

  1. Keep it natural.

Don’t paint over all of the natural wood finishes if you have ’em! The natural wood doors and ceiling instantly bring a warm feeling to this sunroom.


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DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Kitchen Spruce Up

When most people move into a new home, kitchens tend to be the first room that require attention. Whether it is just not your style or color palette, not designed in a functional way, or is just plain old outdated, most people want to give it a facelift. Unfortunately, after purchasing a house, it is generally not in the budget to renovate the entire room. Luckily, there are a few small projects you can do to give the room a new look without too much of an investment (and give you a chance to put the full kitchen remodel on the five-year plan).

  • A fresh coat of paint. Paint can literally make a world of difference in any space, the kitchen included. The walls are a great start, but take it farther and add a coat of paint to the cabinets. You can really change the look of the kitchen by painting some wooden cabinets white, or painting some white cabinets a trendy shade of gray.
  • Add a backsplash. Most older kitchens were designed without a backsplash – which makes adding a new backsplash even easier! Bring in a new color, or tone down the color of the room. If you are nervous to undertake a project tiling, check out your local home improvement stores where you can buy “tile like” pieces that are easy to install – they install almost as easy as wallpaper but with the classy look of tile!
  • Update outdated light fixtures. It’s amazing how much different a simple LED bulb can make a room look, but change out the fixture to something updated – think antique bronze or brushed nickel. Most are easy to change out but looking online for a local handyman could be a good idea when dealing with electrical work.
  • Change out the old hardware. Switch the outdated hardware on all drawers and cabinets to something new. It’s an easy fix that takes only a couple of hours and will make an instant difference!
  • Make a chalkboard wall. A chalkboard wall is easy to make, you can buy the paint at any paint store, and it instantly creates a great conversation piece! You can use it to decorate the room – if you are good at drawing – or you can use it for a great area for your kids to play with.
  • New appliances. Obviously, a larger investment, but changing outdated appliances can really refresh the space, and will be something that you will keep when you end up doing a total remodel down the road.

Hope these ideas buy you some time until your big remodel. Happy decorating!

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DIY Interior Designers Tips and Advice

Spring on a Budget


What better reason to change the interior decor of your home than the ever changing season that we have in our country, instead of despising it, we all just have to spring forward and shake off those winter blues. There are surefire ways to refurbish our homes in a very minimal way so that we can keep up and be in the mood to welcome spring. Here are a few items you can definitely change or add without having the need to break the bank.
Putting houseplants are not just adding greenery in your living space but also increase oxygen level, purifies the air, and improve your health and focus. Adding the plants can give you a fresh spring feel.
Floral-patterns, colorful, and bright window treatments are also an update that can definitely change the way you look into your home. There are plenty of pretty Roman and Roller soft shades that can give you the vibrant spring-look. Try the paisley and chevron patterns, for a very minute but colorful details.
If you are not as bold yet as holding the brush and painting an entire wall or even just an accent wall, why not decorate by hanging some floral paintings? You can experiment on size and colors, and you can definitely change up these items for every season.
The right accessories are equally important as all the elements in any home. Small things matter.
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Kitchen Real Wood Blinds DIY General Interior Designers Tips and Advice

One Room At A Time: Kitchen Window Treatments

Windows in the kitchen can be a fairly difficult task to figure out. As in most rooms, you have to keep the basics in mind – why do I need this treatment, and work your way from there. Do you need to cover your windows for basic privacy? Is there any need to darken the room? Is there glare in your eyes while you’re eating dinner? Are you just simply looking to just dress up the window?
The other considerations for a kitchen that differ a little from the other rooms are related to where in the room the windows are located. Is the window directly over the sink? (Will there be splashing that can hit the treatment). Is it over the counter or the stove? (Is there a chance food will get on it while you are cooking or preparing a meal). Is it close to the table? (Is it possible someone could spill something on it while eating or get fingerprints on it).
All of these things considered, there are a couple of options that are usually the go to in the industry for your kitchen. Faux wood, for one, is always a go-to option. They give you multiple functions – privacy, room darkening, glare protection. They are also extremely easy to clean – basically they are just made from PVC, a material that is extremely durable and can hold up to being cleaned on a regular basis. They come in a wide range of colors and different options that can customize a look to work in nearly any kitchen.
Another popular option is sun shades. The consideration with these are they do not provide a high level of privacy because they are more of a screen, but often times you do not need full privacy in your kitchen. The good thing about these shades is that they provide an extremely modern, clean look to a room, and block out the glare in the room. The best part is that they can be cleaned extremely easily with a damp cloth or sponge as they are a solid piece of material that is coated in vinyl. These have become more and more popular as kitchens are decorated with a more modern look, and are available in a wide range of different colors as well as textures.
Of course, any treatment will work in the room, it is just generally wise to stay away from fabrics in most instances. Whether it’s close enough to get hit with food/moisture, just keep in mind that the fabric will retain the smells and scents of your cooking.

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Modern Kitchen Trends DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

One Room at a time: Kitchen Trends

Same as in the previous rooms, there are a lot of new trends appearing throughout 2017. We’ve compiled a list to help make your updating a little easier this year.
– Gray is still the neutral tone to stick too. This is a great color to use because, as a neutral, it is always easy to update. Because it is so popular, you can bring in gray from your walls to flooring, cabinets, countertops, or even simple accessories.
– Black accents are key. Makes sense, what goes better with gray than black? Black pieces are popping up throughout the home décor industry but have become increasingly popular in tiles, appliances, and accessories. Just keep in mind, depending on how big your space is that black can really make a room feel smaller – so don’t overdo a good thing.
– Greenery is still the color of the year. Don’t hesitate to use it in your kitchen as well! The best way to use this in the kitchen is by updating something old and making it new again with a coat of paint. Go bold and paint over your table or chairs, or keep it simple and paint some plant holders, or vases. If you want something that is even less committal – change up a valance or window treatment, that you can get rid of when you get bored of it!
– Copper accessories are becoming more popular. Taking over popularity from the brushed nickel accents of the last few years, copper accessories add a modern flair to a room. It can be something as simple as displaying the new copper cookware you got as a gift or changing out some handles and knobs to copper.
– Clean and clutter free. As a room you spend a lot of time in, it is always nice to have the countertops remain clean and keep clutter to a minimum. In order to help, really utilizing your drawer and cabinet space is key. There are a lot of new organization units that can be installed to make the most out of the space you have – as much or as little as there may be.
Keep in mind, you can’t tackle every project every year. So whether it’s a facelift your kitchen needs, or a functional update – try to pick one project and make the most of it!

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front door wreath DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Door Decor

Door Decor

You can never go wrong with traditional – hang a wreath on the door – and you are good to go. Although, maybe this is the year to change it up – get creative, impress your neighbors! With the popularity of Pinterest growing at a rapid pace, the ideas are endless, but we’ve complied a list to make your decorating both creative and easy!! Here are some fun and simple ideas:

Make it a present – Take this idea as easy, or complex as you like – just like you would with wrapping a gift. Keep in mind the door/location in mind, and consider if it is closed off or exposed to the elements. You can wrap the entire thing with a fun printed wrap, or keep it classy with a simple plain color. Then grab the widest ribbon you can – make a cross, and finish it off with a huge bow in the middle. If you want to personalize it – add a huge tag with your last name on it!

Build a Snowman – If you have a white door this is ideal. Using felt or foam (again consider the elements), cut out different pieces – eyes, a nose, a mouth, buttons, and a scarf (or you can use a real scarf). Hang it all up on the door and instant snowman!

Create a Santa – This one is perfect if you have a red door! Similar to the snowman one, cut out different shapes to create a Santa face, jacket, and belt, and then get large white pom-poms from a craft store to create a white beard and hat.

Make a Gingerbread house – If you have a brown/wooden door this one is easy – if not though cover your door in brown paper. Cut out a door, and some windows, and a bunch of different candy shapes, and have fun decorating! If you want to make it a little simpler – just create a gingerbread man!

Just remember to have fun doing it! Make some hot chocolate, turn on the Christmas music, and get the whole family involved!!

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piggy bank DIY Inspiration Tips and Advice

Dollar Store Decor

Dollar Store Decor

Around the holidays, it seems money is going in a lot of directions. Whether it be on presents, or new outfits, food and parties, often there isn’t a whole lot left to buy things to decorate your house. Luckily, with a quick trip to the dollar store, and an afternoon of arts and crafts, you can transform some cheap buys into fabulous statement pieces.

One thing that almost every dollar store always has in stock are glass vases, containers, and bowls. The great thing about glass pieces is, that unless someone gets really close to them, they can’t tell its from the dollar store. You can easily spruce them up easily too. Fill them with plain ornaments, that will shine brightly in the light. You can put candy – holiday colored packaging will not only be decorative, but will double as a fun candy dish as well. You can even fill them with extra ribbon and bows that will bring a pop of color into the room.

Another great project is creating a wreath for your door – and even better it will be one that you can use year after year. What you need to buy is a few boxes of the plain round ornaments and some ribbon, and you will need a wire hanger. All of you have to do is unwind the hanger, and form it into a circle. Take the ornaments, and thread the circle part (where you would normally hang the hook for the tree) through the wire. As you fill it up the balls will fit on to each other, and it will form a wreath. At the end (when it is full), twist together the ends of the hanger. Create a pretty bow, and make a loop so you will be able to hang it on the door. It will look like you spent a lot more than $5!

One more fabulous idea I’ve used many times, is taking something bland and bringing it to life. For instance, if you are looking for some candle holders, buy the plain white ceramic ones, and coat them with glitter paint, and you have instantly changed the look. You can do the same thing with picture frames, mason jars, and even cute little holiday decorations (that might look cheap because of their colors). Happy decorating!!

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Mason Jar used for gifting ideas. DIY

Mason Jar Gifts

Mason Jar Gifts

The popularity of mason jars has grown through the last few years. And why not- they are cute and functional! A growing trend is using the jars to give gifts – and they are the perfect small gifts for neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Of course, some ideas are more appropriate for one audience vs another, so we have compiled a list to help you out.

Cupcakes in a jar – Of course there is a company that hit it big on Shark Tank with this idea already, but you can keep it low scale, and make them yourself in much smaller batches. Just bake the cupcake directly in the jar – make sure to only fill it a little more than half way so you have room to add frosting and toppings.

Hot cocoa in a jar – Fill up half of the jar with your favorite hot cocoa mix, and then fill the rest with marshmallows. This is a fairly inexpensive option as well because you can buy the mix in bulk and fill up a lot of jars.

S’mores in a jar – Add in graham crackers, a couple Hershey bars, and some big marshmallows, and you have instant s’mores!

Bunch of cookies in a jar, please eat me!

Chocolate chip cookies in a jar – Layer the ingredients, and attach a small piece of paper with the instructions. Aside from the ingredients you have added instruct them to preheat the over to 375, add 1 egg, ¾ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and bake for 9 to 11 minutes. These are the ingredients for you to layer in the jar.:

  • 1 3/4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup granulated sugar
  • 3/4 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups (9 ounces) semi-sweet chocolate chips

Candy jar – Fill up the jar with any variety of candy – just chose colorful candies – they are the decoration and the treat!

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