This Summer, why wait till your dying from the heat this season? When you can put up our Cellular Shades and keep down that air conditioning bill. These shades come in all types of colors that can liven up any room, and still leave more money in your pocket.If you are looking for something more for function this summer that look great, Classic and Smartcell Cellulars are what you want to go for.

The Classics come in neutral colors so they can go with any kind of color scheme, and because of the basic set up for this shade they are also the least expensive out of the four kinds of cellulars, making it easy to stick to your budget without giving it a second thought.

Also there is our Smartcell Collection. Although this style does have neutrals and earthtones it also has lovely bold colors such as blue, red, plum, grey, lavender, ect… These colors no matter how viberant or simple will be the perfect accent piece to touch up any room. The great thing about these are now you have more function options to choose from. Just like the Classic Cellular you can get cordless, the difference? The difference is in how many choices of color it can come with; the Classic can only come in white or cloud for this type and Smartcell colors can all come cordless! Also you can now get what is called Top-Down/Bottom-Up, which allows you to let light into the room all the while keeping your privacy. This is a great opiton to have in any room breaking the shade rulling of “all or nothing.” These shades can also be a great option for that sliding door if you are looking for something different than verticals. This year more people are buying these because of our 2 on 1 feature, which translates to 2 shades on 1 headrail, letting the side on which you exit out of up and the other down.

The best thing about our cellulars is that they are white on the back! So no matter what you choose for the color on the inside they will always apeer uniformal. So for you it is helping the room stay cool but to the people looking from the outside it will look like beautiful white shades and no one will be any of the wiser to the georgeous colors happening on the inside of your home.