By: Derek

The other night I pulled into a gas station to fill my tank. As I was walking into the store to pay the attendant I noticed, as I usually do now, what type of window treatment they had hanging on their window. At this particular station they had a roller shade and what was hanging from it was what appeared to be a giant piece of camera film. I assume that this shade acts the same way as our sun weaves do, just not as nice looking. What really caught my eye about this shade wasn’t just the look of it but rather the pull chain that was hanging on its right hand side.

The chain that was hanging was very similar, if not the same, as our white chains on out roller shades. However, their shade had a black chain. This was something that I found interesting. I have had customers ask in the past if they could get a different chain than the white chain. I would explain to them that they could switch the white chain for the silver. Some customers immediately switch to the silver chain thinking that it looks better, where as others will keep the white chain. Other customers will ask if those are the only two options explaining that they have seen other roller shades with different color chains. I tell them that these are the only two color chains that we do have and usually they will side with the white chain.

Now I had never seen a roller with other color chains before, but after seeing the black chain I feel that it could be a nice alternative to the white or silver chain. We don’t need to invest into a chain of every color, but to have at least one chain that is darker would be a nice option for customers that are looking for a different look on their rollers.