By: KarenSOLIDT_TpDn-1202C

Not to brag, but I’d say I have a very nice house.  Not too big, not too small, but comfortable, livable, and nicely decorated.  That was, until my husband bought his new TV, and decided it was acceptable to hang beach towels on the windows.  Red Sox on one, Patriots on the other, and Celtics on the other.  Not surprisingly, the day I came home and found this spectacle in my sunroom, I was not happy.  Apparently, it was the first afternoon he had been home since we got the TV, and the glare was so intense that he couldn’t see the windows, and of course, his first thought was to grab some towels…

Fast-forward a couple of days, and I dragged him with me to go buy some blinds.  I hated the idea of putting blinds on the windows, being that I loved the view of the woods behind our house, and the open feeling when you sat in the room, but in order to avoid more tack holes, and more beach towels, we needed a compromise.  My first thought was to get it over with quickly, and just buy some mini blinds.  Of course, those can be tacky, and really don’t match anything else in my house.  Our second thought was sun shades, but I really did not like the look of them when I got to the store, honestly, because they reminded me of a local breakfast spot (they look great there, but not in my house).

After explaining to the girl at the store what we were looking for, and what we needed to take care of, she quickly pointed us in the direction of cordless cellular shades.  She explained that by going with cordless they would completely disappear when I didn’t want to see them, that they would block out the glare on the TV, but not make it feel like it was a cave when they were down (I explained that if it was too dark in the room my husband would end up napping in the afternoon and not even watching the TV).

When it came to picking out color, I was thinking something along the lines of the wall color, which is a tan, or the couch with is a chocolate brown.  Luckily, the girl that was helping us reminded me of my criteria of them disappearing during the day, and suggested that white would do that much better (with my white wood frames).  She was extremely helpful, and the shades look great.  They only come down during the occasional afternoon game on TV, and the rest of the time you don’t even know they are there.  I guess compromise is always an option!