By Monica B.

Decorating a small bathroom can be a challenge, but I believe it’s much easier to handle a too-small space than a too-large one. Count your blessings, because large bathrooms can all feel cold and stark!

It pays to know what colors and fixtures work best in small spaces. A glass vanity or shower door is great in small spaces because it allows the eye to see through it. Light colors or a one-color color scheme also tend to work well in small spaces. Small bathrooms should not be bland! Get creative with your bathroom design. Install a vanity made from old dresser, or create a tile mosaic from old pottery. These things don’t add space; they are necessary elements in a bath: but they do add style at a greatly reduced cost. Plus, they can act as art in a small space where wall space may be best used as storage. Too many design details in a small space will muddle the room. Think clean and simple. Cantilever or pedestal sinks without legs look great in small baths, though they don’t offer much storage so you may want to keep them out of the master bath. Glass shower doors or an open shower also work well in small baths. Consider a single stall shower instead of a full-size one; this may leave you room for a separate tub. Pocket doors are also a great way to save space. Small spaces work well with a neutral color palette, such as soft greens, grays, whites and tans. But don’t be afraid to go big with one feature element or pop of color. Every room needs a little drama. Mirrors are great for visually enlarging a space and adding light, and since a mirror is a necessary element in a bath, use it to its fullest advantage. In a bath, one large mirror will probably work better than a grouping of smaller ones. I know mirrored walls went out with the 70s, but they are still appropriate and lovely in some situations and may work well in your small bath. Before hanging your mirror(s), consider the position of the toilet. Most people would prefer not to watch themselves, um, go. Yes, light colors work well in small space and pedestal sinks can be a pain in master baths, but there are always exceptions to the rules. Sometimes, breaking small space design rules is what makes your bathroom unique and amazing. So don’t be afraid to experiment. However, unless you have a bit of experience decorating or you naturally have “an eye for these things,” you may want to stick with the rules for major purchases and permanent fixtures like tile and tubs. Have more fun with things like the paint color and accent decor, which can be easily replaced if it doesn’t work.  Last but not least because it is a bathroom you don’t want a fish bowl so over your windows with a blind that you can let light in but control the wand how much you would like to expose of that room.