By: Dominic

A couple of years back I bought a vacation house by the beach. The house has a nice sun room facing the beach, with six average sized windows in it, and a sliding door. I really like the view, but the sun can be very harsh in there during the hot summer months. I decided that I had to put something on the windows to cut back on the sun. I also was looking to get a little privacy out of it, but that wasn’t a major concern.

I started looking into blinds and didn’t realize how many options that were available. I had remembered seeing the bamboo shades on a television show, and I thought that those would look great in that room. I really wanted to keep an earthy look in there because after all it is right on the beach. There are many other earth toned colors and patterns around the rest of the house, so I figured that I’d keep it all the same. It can be very hard for me to find a product that will work for me because I am very picky in my taste for interior design, and if it’s not just right it will drive me nuts. Luckily for me I had about fifteen to twenty different choices with just bamboo shades alone. There were also many other earth tone fabrics available with other products which would have looked good if I wasn’t able to find the correct bamboo shade. I was able to find the right one for me, and was also able to add a fabric edging to it which really made it look nice. The only thing that I wanted that I couldn’t have with this shade was a feature where the shade drops from the top.

The shades have been up for a year now and they still look as good as ever. They let in plenty of light during the day and I don’t even need to put on the lights. It’s amazing how such a small addition to a room can make such a huge difference. The room looks like it belongs in a beach front catalog now. I have gotten plenty of compliments on how earthy the room now looks in there.