By Kim W.


Many times people get tired of their bedroom looking the same way it has for years and years; or the living room sofa would perhaps look better on that opposite wall? Before you take that leap to redesigning your space, here are a few cost-effective and helpful thoughts to keep in mind.

First, is the concept of furniture placement. Some people just donâ™t have an eye for furniture arrangements, and thatâ™s ok! Donâ™t be afraid to look at magazines or check out online photos of what other people may have done with similar furniture pieces or living situations. For example, if you have a sofa with a heavy bottom, donâ™t place a large coffee table in front of it. Instead, use a lighter table with legs or maybe made of glass and a floor lamp behind the sofa to help bring up the eye. Itâ™s all about making it balance.

Secondly, we have the best word; comfort. This is SO important. Never buy chairs just because they look nice or itâ™s pretty your guests will not be happy; especially those who have to sit around a dinner table for an hour or 2 with the in-laws. Formal is not comfortable. End of story.

Third and fourth we have my personal favorites; those people who make everything match vs. those who use too many patterns. Itâ™s always almost one or the other in every home. The matching bed set with the comforter and pillows and dresser and headboard and this and that. OR the bright blue floral comforter with the red paisley pillows and the green and white striped wallpaper and yellow carpet. There are so many obvious noâ™s in these but most of all itâ™s just important to remember these two things: a lot of different colors and patterns are going to be very busy, crowded and distracting to the eye; while one single pattern or matching throughout is going to be bland and showroom-like, you always want to look from one wall to the other and see something different.

Finally, we come to the important factor of lighting. Lighting is one of the most underrated and under looked factors of redecorating and redesigning a space. In any room in the house, you want different types of lighting for various times of the day. Get an understanding of which room serves which function and what type of lighting you will need. Donâ™t forget about the natural lighting from your windows too!