By: Karen

I recently stumbled upon 1 wood blinds while doing some research online for blinds. Just to catch you up, I just finished redecorating my dining room. In the process the blinds got thrown away, so time for new ones. They seemed to look nice, and were a change from the look of the 2 slats everyone else seemed to be getting these days. My windows are about 30 by 60 which seemed like a pretty average size, and because I wanted to make the project as simple as possible I was looking for an off white slat.

I had been drawn to the blind look in the first place, because I liked the finished look of the wooden molding (valance) piece that covers the top of the blind. I also discarded the curtains during the remodel, and do not plan on replacing them. Since I had been inspired by the look of these blinds, I headed over to a local store to check them out in person. Luckily, I decided to go see them in person, and not order online. When the salesperson pointed them out from across the showroom, my response was, No the wood, not the cheap aluminum. As we walked closer, I realized , those were the wood , they just looked exactly the same as aluminum unless you were standing really close to them

The salesperson also informed me that they ran about 25 , 30% more than the 2 slats, and if I were to want to open them up, they stack up significantly more than the 2 (I realize now there are more slats, so that should have been common sense, but who really thinks about these things). Since I was already there I had them show me different options for the 2 blinds, and saw that a lot of their displays showed the 2 slats with decorative fabric tape that looked really nice, and really finished.

In the end, I decided to go with the 2, and realized that was why everyone else was going with them as well. They looked really nice in my windows, and were significantly less money (they priced both options for me just so I could see). Why would you go with one inch??