Making It Work: Wood Paneling!

By Gina G.

Making It Work:  Wood Paneling              

Many of us have had some type of experience with wood paneling.  Whether it is considered a left over relic from previous home owners, a byproduct of the 1950s suburban housing sprawl, or embraced as a unique décor in your home, wood paneling can appear to be dated.  And, although often times those who inherit a room or home with wood paneling are ambivalent about it, there are actually a few different ways to make wood paneling work for a home.

White Wood Blinds 101

By Gina G.

White Wood Blinds 101

Even though it may seem that wood blinds are currently “in”, they have actually stood the test of time and should be considered classic window treatments.  This is especially true for white wooden blinds which can be used for a variety of rooms and settings.  Although white wood blinds are classics, there are a few things to consider when choosing them to cover your windows.

It’s All About Responsibility

By Tiffany P.

When shopping for natural material window treatments you want to be able to trust the company that is making these blinds or shades, is still giving back to nature in some sort of way. With Blinds To Go we take pride in doing just that, because it is important to replace what you take when dealing with materials such as bass wood, a kind of timber that we use for blinds, or bamboo, which we use for our shades.

Going Green: Function!

Going Green: Function!
by Karen E.
Customers come into our showrooms all of the time looking for new options.  Lately, many people have come in looking for the most environmentally friendly new option. The two most popular are our woven wood shades (made from bamboo, a renewable resource) and cellular shades (which help to lower your heating and cooling bills).  Unfortunately, with both of these options, you have shades, which are either lowered completely, or raised completely, and give you no control over your privacy. Luckily, there is an alternative! Real wood blinds.
Our wooden blinds are made from bass wood, a natural material. The advantage, being a blind, is that you can tilt the blind open and closed, to control not only your privacy, but your light. They can be tilted in multiple directions to control how much light is coming in, and how much people can see in. They come in both a 1″ and 2″ slat, so there is a variety of options, and they also come in a wide variety of natural stains, and painted white finishes. They also come in an upgraded glossy finish which brings out the character of the wood. The advantage to the stained finishes is that you can see the natural grains and knots in the wood, which also allows you to better match to the furniture and flooring in your room.  (The alternative, faux wood blinds either have a printed or flat finish, and lose the natural feel).
To customize your wood blinds even more there are a few features you can add.  Intimacy, which is our room darkening feature, allows the slats to close tighter and flatter, letting less light through the slats.  Fabric tape is another option which is usually added for the decorative aspect, is a fabric strip running vertically on the blind, and comes in a wide array of colors and patterns.  The fabric tape really softens the look of the blind, and allows you to match or accent different colors you already have in your decor.
So if cellular shades and woven woods do not offer you enough flexibility, be sure to stop in and take a look at all of the natural wood options.

Going Green

by Karen Earle

Customers often come in asking for our most natural product, as they have recently redecorated a room with natural decor, and are aiming to go green with their decorating.  While unfortunately none of our products are 100% natural (as they all have some man made components), there is one product that fits the description the best, woven wood shades.
Woven woods are one of the styles that have cycled back into being one of the more popular products in window treatments.  The shades are made from bamboo shoots, woven grasses, and other fibers which are all naturally grown materials. Not only does this give the very natural appearance because of the material, but it is a renewable resource. It works well in many different rooms and styles of decor, ranging from more traditional to a beachy look to a more rustic look.
The other great thing about woven wood shades are how customizable they are.  There are a wide range of color and materials to chose from. They are made in a roman shade style, and can be ordered as a flat panel or a folded panel for a more decorative look.  The shades can be lined depending on the level of darkening or privacy you need.  They can also be edged in a variety of different color fabrics (which not only change the look, but help prolong the life of the shade).
If you are trying to “go green,” not only from an environmentally responsible perspective, but also from a decor perspective, then woven wood blinds would definitely be the best option for you!