All About the Budget

This Summer, why wait till your dying from the heat this season? When you can put up our Cellular Shades and keep down that air conditioning bill. These shades come in all types of colors that can liven up any room, and still leave more money in your pocket.If you are looking for something more for function this summer that look great, Classic and Smartcell Cellulars are what you want to go for.

The Classics come in neutral colors so they can go with any kind of color scheme, and because of the basic set up for this shade they are also the least expensive out of the four kinds of cellulars, making it easy to stick to your budget without giving it a second thought.

Also there is our Smartcell Collection. Although this style does have neutrals and earthtones it also has lovely bold colors such as blue, red, plum, grey, lavender, ect… These colors no matter how viberant or simple will be the perfect accent piece to touch up any room. The great thing about these are now you have more function options to choose from. Just like the Classic Cellular you can get cordless, the difference? The difference is in how many choices of color it can come with; the Classic can only come in white or cloud for this type and Smartcell colors can all come cordless! Also you can now get what is called Top-Down/Bottom-Up, which allows you to let light into the room all the while keeping your privacy. This is a great opiton to have in any room breaking the shade rulling of “all or nothing.” These shades can also be a great option for that sliding door if you are looking for something different than verticals. This year more people are buying these because of our 2 on 1 feature, which translates to 2 shades on 1 headrail, letting the side on which you exit out of up and the other down.

The best thing about our cellulars is that they are white on the back! So no matter what you choose for the color on the inside they will always apeer uniformal. So for you it is helping the room stay cool but to the people looking from the outside it will look like beautiful white shades and no one will be any of the wiser to the georgeous colors happening on the inside of your home.

Summer SunWeaves

Summer Sun weaves
By Leyton
Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning, make your coffee, and stare out of that beautiful summer view, WITHOUT having to squint your eye’s from the sun? With sun weave shades you have that luxury and more!

Summer Trends: Real/Faux Wood Blinds

Summer Trends with Faux Wood and Real Wood Blinds.
Summer time is finally here,  time to kick off those rain boots from the spring showers,  and get out the flip flops, kick back in the sun room, and work on that tan that you have been dying to get. As the sun is brightly shinning and the weather starts getting warmer and warmer, it is time to give the room’s that great illuminating style, and to brighten up all of what the room has to offer. Going from a unique style of sun light gleaming through the blinds ladders of Faux wood and real wood blinds, to having the entire blind open and letting the sun fill the room, exposing the beautiful view not only outside, but inside as well. You will always have a beautiful setting in the summer, though as most of us also know that with Summer, comes the blazing heat that makes you just want to shut all of the blinds, and crank that AC up to full power. Natural, as well as Faux wood blinds are great for room darkening that will block out most of the suns rays, letting the house stay cooler.
Faux wood blinds also act as an insulator being made of PVC material. Now that we have thought about how we can block most of the suns rays, now it is time to think of the Decor of the room, and how we would like to dress the blind itself up to go with the room’s settings. All of the Faux wood and Real wood blinds serve as a great and unique Decor for almost any summer style. Let’s start with the color’s we can choose from. All have many variations of different neutral colors from white,  to a dark mahogany. Each color can blend in with the frame of the window,  or to match the setting of the room it is going in. Now let us think about going for style. For the room’s where the setting and style’s are simple and plain, a classic valance is perfect to still give the blind that finished look, while staying neat. Going into a more decorative room we can choose a Designer valance that gives the blind a more unique look, that pops out to the eye giving the blind a more elegant style
with its unique design pattern on the valance itself. Going more into upgrading the appearance of the blind we have the option to add a box or trapezoid bottom. The box bottom is great for window sills with a good amount of space where the bottom bar can land and settle there. The trapezoid however, allows for a more cleaner look that tilts the last ladder of the blind, to give it a more symmetrical pattern going all the way down. summer is that time to try out new trending styles, and have some fun with how you want your rooms to look. Let the wood style blinds give you that special and unique style you have been looking for this summer!

Outdoor Living

Make the outdoors your home

Home is how you make it, and part of home is that wonderful outdoor space that makes home even better. Make it pretty with comfortable weather friendly furniture, pretty pillows, mood setting lanterns and fresh flowers.  A bench that is nice enough to be a local point but practical enough to use all summer long. Make it yummy with one pot herbs to grow right on your outdoor table for fresh picking all summer long.  Make it warm it seating surrounding a fire pit for cool evenings or for roasting s’mores. Make it light and romantic with bevy of lanterns hanging from trees to sparkle and light the evening breeze.  Make it open and airy with patio doors that fold back. Make it cool and refreshing with water features that relax the body, mind and soul. Make it feel spacious with a perfectly placed mirror. It can make the space feel twice the size and reflect twice the foliage, flowers and fun. Outdoor drapery adds shade or privacy.  Make it feel comfy and cozy with beach towel throws, pretty pillows, and outdoor furnishings. Make over a porch with a few items (day bed, potted plants, and Chinese lanterns) that will make the space comfortable and stylish. Thinking creatively can also help you stick to a budget. There’s no reason why a trunk from inside can’t step in as your outdoor coffee table. Besides, it’s only for a season. When it comes to outdoor dining, anything goes. But to capture an easygoing escape to the weekend home feeling, make an attempt to separate yourself from your daily routine. Start by setting the table and chairs on the lawn and away from your home, which will create a dining experience that is unique and unexpected.

Plants and Garden Cleaning

Plants and Garden Cleaning


April showers, bring May flowers is a popular saying, and Springtime is the best time to bring your garden and plants to life! Follow these simple steps to freshen up your lawn and flowers, and truly make a statement.


You can start off with cleaning up your lawn and garden.  Get rid of the unwanted weeds, wild flowers, mow the lawn, and use a good fertilizer to keep the grass healthy and beautiful .  Then plant some new flowers to add some of those beautiful colours to your garden.  These days, garden centres are available everywhere, and it is easy to get what you want, and some good advice from those centres about how to maintain your plants properly.  If you do not have a deck, and want to put patio furniture outside, consider laying out some patio stones to put the furniture on.  These bring a classy elegance to the backyard for you and your guests to enjoy.


As for inside your home, start off by trimming the plants and flowers. Then you can start fresh by replacing old clay pots with pretty pastel coloured ones for a bright and playful Spring look.  Also consider going to your local florist and picking out some nice cherry blossom branches, and putting them in clear glass vases.  A few flowers by your windows, or on your coffee table, will liven up the space and bring a fresh feel to any room.  If you prefer having guests over at night, you can purchase a remote control underwater LCD light, to put in your vases, and turn them on to create a very unique look.


There are so many things to take advantage of during this beautiful season, and the sooner you get your garden and plants in shape, the sooner you can enjoy Springtime!