Changing Seasons

Great Decorating Ideas for Fall & Anticipation of Changing Seasons

How to Begin

What is it that makes Fall so special? School brings excitement to children and the sound of school buses in the morning and afternoon bring the promise of another new season. It stays darker in the morning and there is a briskness in the air that makes you want to go deeper under your sheets on a cool fall day. In the evening you can begin to smell wood burning in the chimney’s and leaves begin to turn the most awesome color. Everyday you go out is different. The colors are a little brighter each day as the reds and yellows of Fall become deeper on the leaves of the trees. Yard work seems special as you anticipate the season of hibernation when you won’t be working in the yard.

I feel a new briskness in my step and the anticipation of the holiday’s is in the air. This is a time to slow down and enjoy the cool weather, the sounds of the leaves bristling in the crisp morning air as you sip your coffee. There is an anticipation and wonder as once againthe season changes just when you thought it was going to stay hot for the rest of the year.

What better time is there to decorate?

Pumpkins, dried flowers, wreaths.

It is so much fun to browse through craft stores and think about fun wreaths to make. I love bringing quilts out and warming up my home. Cinnamon candles burning inside seem like a special treat on a cool evening.

Back To School Re-Organizing

Top 4 Back To School Organizing Ideas

1. Get to the heart of the matter; start with kids’ rooms.

Tweens and grade school kids love their stuff, and they usually have lots of it. Why not weed out and find a place for their stuff before school starts? Organize a tween room and get rid of clutter can be budget friendly and can make a huge difference by giving kids a place for their cherished clutter belongings.

2. Make communication easy & fun

A DIY giant chalkboard is a great place to leave notes and reminders. It’s also fun! Kids will follow new routines so much better when they are fun. It can also be incorporated into a full family command station.

3. Keep clutter in control

Give kids a place to drop off their stuff when they walk into the door. Rushing out the door on a hectic morning is much easier when everyone knows that backpacks are always kept in one spot, too.

4. Prepare for paperwork

I remember how much paperwork came back home with me and wish I’d had a simple paper organizing strategy. If I had something as simple as clothespin word note clips to organize the paperwork. I could have saved so much stress on my parents. You could label them with some of them saying; “Done!” or “To Do” so that way you know which ones need to be looked at and which ones are already done for your kid to take them back to school the next day.

Back to School

Back To School

Let’s face it, once we turn the calendar to September, summer is basically over. Even though fall doesn’t technically start until the 22nd, once the hustle and bustle of school starts again, there is no time left for summer fun. I learned a great idea from a friend a couple years back, that has helped to make the transition a little smoother – for the kids going back to school, and the parents putting the kids on the bus.

The idea is creating a list of fun fall activities to do with your kids. The thought process behind it is that the summer is filled with new adventures, and fun outings as a family, and it always seems like the fall is too crammed to fit anything in. By creating a list with your kids, and committing to a certain number of things each month, you will be forced to make time, and not miss out on creating memories (some big, some small) as a family.

The first year we made a list, we were a little too ambitious – keep in mind your time is more limited – so the second year we learned and some activities that take up a whole day, and some that you can do in an afternoon after getting the kids off the bus.

A few examples:

  • Going apple picking.
  • Go for a hike.
  • Make rice krispie treats
  • Make a scarecrow
  • Have a campfire – and make s’mores
  • Paint pumpkins
  • Play a game of football with your neighbors
  • Go horse back riding
  • Find a local corn maze

Of course, depending on the age of your kids, the list will change a bit, but make sure it’s things the family agrees on, and decides to do together. Don’t let the back to school blues get you down!!