Eco-Friendly Outdoors

Eco-Friendly Outdoors

by Monica

Making your home enjoyable doesn’t only have to happen inside your home but also outside on your porch. A front porch is one of the most appealing areas of a home, especially if it is comfortable, inviting, and well decorated. It is a place where people often read the morning paper while enjoying the cool breezes of spring. The front porch is also a place to sit back and relax while taking in fresh air and observing outdoor activities. A well decorated front porch is friendly, and it provides countless ways to creatively welcome in seasons and special occasions. As spring approaches, consider the following creative ways of decorating a front porch for spring, and turn an ordinary entryway into a comfortable and more inviting place to enjoy the outdoors while showing off your personal decorating style.

There are plenty of things that you can do to decorate your porch with and remain eco-friendly. Of course you will want a bench or a porch swing out there on your porch. This will allow you to spend hours on the porch in the warmer months. You can sit on the porch and view the great outdoors. You can place quite a few things on the porch to give it style and color. Pumpkins have been used to add a country flair as well as color to any country porch. You can also add various plants around the porch to give it that nice green color. Flowers are also very nice as they are beautiful they give the porch a nice array of color. Flowers can be put in a flower pot, or even hung to be enjoyed. These can be put in certain areas of the porch to really spruce it up. The nice thing about decorating your porch is that you can decorate it for the different seasons. So now you are able to have a very ecofriendly home and give back to the environment as well as live healthier.

Going Green Beyond Energy Efficiency

Going Green Beyond Energy Efficiency

by Gina G.

A popular topic in window treatments when concerning the environment is energy efficiency.  Many people want to protect the green they spend in energy costs when heating and cooling the home.  Some folks have drafty windows; others have replacement windows but also want all the help they can get.  However, there are other ways to “go green” in selecting window treatments.  Perhaps the most overlooked, yet easy way to be environmentally friendly when selecting a window treatment is to choose the treatment in a material that is either organic or recyclable.

Letting the Light Shine, not Blind

By Gina G.

Letting the Light Shine, Not Blind

Allowing natural light to enter a room, rather than simply relying on artificial lighting, can be a delightful addition to any room.  Often times, accomplishing this can seem difficult to do with window treatments because most times people require privacy and can confuse getting privacy with darkening the room.  Light-filtering options, like most fabric shades (whether roller, roman or pleated) can give you both privacy and natural lighting.  However, if you have a space that has a more relaxed, earthy, and natural vibe, bamboo shades or even sunweaves might be worth considering.

Bamboo shades, with their natural wooden chutes and grasses, can be a great addition to any room.  They certainly can dress up or down any window in the home depending on what the space requires.  And, what’s more, most of them are light filtering and sometimes even sheer.   They bring a natural décor and allow natural light to enter the room.   A lot of bamboo or woven wood shades are offered with liner choices so that if you do have a space, like a bedroom, where letting the light come in may not be preferred, you can block it. However, in most cases, they are used to allow light without the unwanted glare.

Sunweaves, or solar shades, are also great options for spaces with a natural décor.  They come in such a wide range of colors, designs, and textures that are sure to fit any room.  These shades are special because they are sheer treatments that allow natural light to shine through while blocking harsh sun rays.  Both sunweaves and bamboo shades are great natural looking additions to the home that can allow natural lighting to enter a space while either providing privacy or protecting against harsh sun rays.

Keeping the View

    Most times when people are shopping for window treatments, they are looking for the treatment to look and do something specific for their window or room.  One of the most common functions for window treatments is to provide privacy.  Private treatments work both ways in that they block the view from the inside of the home, as well as from the outside looking in.  However, there are some windows and rooms where keeping the view may be more important.  Such spaces, can include kitchens, dens, and offices, where sheer or simple valance treatments may be a better fit.  Sometimes even bathrooms and bedrooms can allow for sheer treatments if the location of the window is on a higher story of the home or faces a remote area.  These are the best spaces to allow your home’s natural environment to be visible, which can do wonders for the ambiance of a room.

Keeping a natural view can be accomplished through pulling private window treatments up but in the aforementioned spaces, sheer or valance treatments can be so much more effective.  Often times in kitchens, which can have smaller windows, simple fabric valances are enough to add a little décor to the window while not blocking the view.  Wooden cornices or valances can also be utilized to accomplish this.

However, there are some cases where a sheer shade, instead of a valance might be more beneficial. For example if a kitchen window is located over a sink, a desk is positioned close to an office window, or a tv that is affected by glare in a family room.  In these situations where the natural view also comes with too much sunlight, sunweaves, or solar shades, are great options.  They are sheer, but are designed to block harmful UV rays so that you can keep your view of the outside world but also be productive.

Think Spring!

By Sami E.

Winters can be dull, cold, and grey. As the weather starts to warm, nothing can bring the spring vibe into your home like some bright, natural colours. New window treatments can be a great way to ditch those winter blues and get ready for warmer weather. A little green in your room can brighten up your space and give you a vibrant decor. As the trees begin to bloom fully, so too can your living space. Try one of our many woven wood shades to spruce up your place for the spring. Our Palau style roman shade in a Carraway colour can do just that, this natural woven wood shade has heavy green tones with some browns and greys mixed in, this can bring spring time vibrancy and a natural feel to any room. If you prefer the functionality of a tilting blind, our 2″ real wood blinds are light weight, practical and available in a wide variety of colours. An espresso colour in our Laredo or Estates styles can bring a warm, rich feel to your living area while maintaing a natural look. For best results match up the colour of your natural hardwood flooring or furniture with one of our wood blinds, this will make your windowd pop and can help put the final touches on a perfectly decorated room.

For those who favour simplicity, our full line of sunweave roller shades are a great addition to any room. Our Barcelona style in a Toffee or Java colour can provide a nice accent to your decor. The advantage with these styles is that each has a few different colours in it, this means that no matter your colour scheme this fabric will pick up on many different colours in your room. These shades are not just beautiful, they are also practical. As the weather warms they will help insulate your room, blocking anywhere from 90-97% UV, protecting your furniture and flooring from fading while ensuring that your air conditioner won’t be working overtime. This type of insulation will surely help lower your energy output (as will our woven wood and Real wood blinds) and ultimately aid in the preservation of the environment.