Enjoying the Fall View

By Gloria H.

That time of year has come when the view from outside your window is quickly changing.  The leaves that were once green are now a warm orange or deep red.   You want to have a chance to enjoy whats happening outside before they fall off the trees and are covered in snow.  The only problem is that  the falling leaves are leaving you a bit exposed.  So your thinking to yourself wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy the view while still having a level of privacy at the same time.  Now this is were Blinds to Go can help.  We have the perfect product that would work great for you, it a sunweave roller shade.

Child Proofing

By Karen E.

It only takes seconds for kids to get into something they aren’t supposed to.  In a normal day, there are a million things out of your control, which makes the things you can control even more important.

Child Safe Blinds

By Karen E.

A lot of customers we have coming in are fist time home owners,  who are looking to settle into their new homes. Often, at the same time of settling into a new home, people are starting a family, which makes child safety a top proirity when coming in to look for blinds or shades.

DIY Bedroom

By Monica B.

When splurging on new décor isn’t in your savings, revamp your bedroom with inexpensive features to make your bedroom more comfortable without breaking the bank. Sometimes it feels like the decorating process is never over.

Kitchen on a Budget

By Monica B.

When moving into an apartment you always want it to be comfortable even though it’s not always a permanent stay. Spending a ton of money to make it comfortable and fabulous is not always the case.  Starting with the kitchen small changes can have a big effect on how your kitchen looks.