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The atmosphere at Blinds To Go is completely different than my previous job. Before I worked at a large grocery store chain as a manager in training. I never felt that the company appreciated my thoughts or ideas. I was just a person who fulfilled a job. I used to always say that the front door was a revolving door, for hiring and firing. I enjoy working in a retail enviroment, but I wanted to be treated like a person who mattered. Within my first week of working at BTG I was astonished by how much they care about me. They were asking my opinion on different situations and making me feel included in the team. Each week we work on goals that help me be a more effective employee and eventually a successful manager. I have grown so much as a person since the day I started and still continue to grow. I have become a much stronger and more independent person. Working here I don’t just sell blinds, I have been able to achieve my personal goals.

Modern Wall Trends

#1- Textured decorative wall panels and 3D design ideas

Textured decorative wall panels and tiled design ideas are extravagent and chic wall design trends of 2016. Contemporary decorative wall panels create an unusual 3D effect, bringing drama into modern interior design and creatively transforming living spaces.

#2 – Wall Decorations with Designer Fabrics

Textiles help create stunning walls. Decorative fabrics are one of the most unusual wall design trends of 2016. Upholstery fabrics and silk, cotton fabrics and synthetics create cozy and beautiful rooms.

#3 – Ceramic Tiles and Mosiac Tile Designs

Modern tiles are one of traditional and popular wall designs can entrance interiors by adding wood and stone textures. Mirrored and glossy tile designs make rooms look brighter and bigger, while mosiac tile designs bring fabulous decoration patterns into modern wall designs and create surprising optical illusions.

#4- Leather

Leather wall panels are one of the most brave wall design trends of 2016. Soft and warm, the leather tiles and wall panels add Bohemian chic to modern interior design and create truly unique, cozy and beautiful home interiors.

#5 – Exposed brick wall designs and wooden walls

Exposed brick wall design ideas can emphasize loft living spaces and add unique accents to country home decorating wooden walls are universally appealing, warm and charming, defining the most traditional wall design trends of 2016.

Baby its cold outside, but…

Baby its cold outside, but…

Valentines Day is coming up. Warm up your house with love and affection. Surprise your sweetheart with memorable and long lasting gift. There are so many words that are unsaid, sometimes silence is more powerful than words. Surprise them with a wonderful cellular shade. Cellular shades keep cold air out but keep the warmth in. Protect your house from nosey neighboars. Shades let some light in but is very private. Just like love. It matters what’s on the inside, outside is only for a show. Cellular shades come in wide variety of colors and options. Light up some candles and enjoy good bottle of wine. Have a fresh start towards building your home with the one you love.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!